The Next Level

The Next Level is the name of our highest level of group classes that we offer in West Coast Swing Zurich. Many dancers in our school have already completed our Level 3 classes multiple times, social dancing for hours every week, travel to dance conventions monthly to compete. We have created this highly technical level to cater those dancers by offering them a unique opportunity to be able to take regular weekly classes locally.

Level requirements

The Next Level is a level with no number on it. This is not by accident, but to indicate that this level is not a natural continuation out of Level 3. To give you an idea, to qualify for The Next Level you should have approximately the active skill-set of an average dancer who internationally competes for two years. To recognise this, anyone with WSDC intermediate points is automatically accepted upon application. We also understand that not everyone competes, thus we offer auditions and/or qualifier tryout classes for those of you feeling ready.

While The Next Level is not primarily a competition class, you must be ready to be pushed to your limits.


While there are no classes offered between Level 3 and The Next Level we encourage you to retake some of the modules of Level 3 to help you get ready for it. This is particularly true for the modules that you have attended a long time ago or the themes that you have struggled with. We have built Level 3 content such that it prepares you for The Next Level, all you need is to activate what you have learned.

You could also attend the local weekend workshops and drop-in classes on all-levels and focus on improving yourself on all aspects not just on the topics of those classes.


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