Free trial course

Would you like to try out our courses? Sure! Every month we start a new series and on the first lesson you can join in for free! If you want to stay for the rest of the course you are welcome and if not you can just leave with no obligations. To try out please just sign up for the Level 1A or Level 1B course. You don’t need a partner.

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20:00: Module 3 - Musicality (Level 3)
Oct 17, 2017 - Gyuri & Eszter


19:30: Module 2D (Level 2)
Oct 18, 2017 - Tamara & Adrien

20:30: Module 1A (Level 1)
Oct 18, 2017 - Tamara & Adrien

21:30: Module 2A (Level 2)
Oct 18, 2017 - Susanne & Adrien

Team Choreo

JT Swing Teams (Level 3+)
Nov 2017 - Feb 2018
Register by Sep 30th

Course description

1 module (A, B, C...) = 4 classes (over 4 weeks), each class lasts 55 minutes.

Level 1 A B
Level 2 A B C D E F
Level 3 Ro Ti Wh St Sp Fo Fr Mu

We offer classes in 3 levels. Each level is divided into modules. Each module consists of four weeks. Students need to finish all modules of a level before going to the next level. The modules can be done in any order. Classes can be joined at the beginning of a new module.

The classes are taught in English, but our teachers can also speak German.

No partner required. New courses start every month.

Level 1 (2 modules: A-B)

You will learn about the basic concepts of West Coast Swing. These series of classes focus on the basic lead and follow techniques. You will be introduced to the basic 6 and 8 count patterns. This is the entry level for all of those who have no or little West Coast Swing experience. If you do not master the basic steps of WCS, we recommend you to start with this level.

Level 2 (6 modules: A-F)

You will learn figure variations, different hand-holds, starter steps and turns that build on the basic steps from Level 1. The completion of Level 1 (A and B) is mandatory for these modules, or an exception granted by the teachers.

Level 3 (8 modules: Ro, Ti, Wh...)

In this level you will learn advanced basics, styles and patterns. Each of our modules has a different theme, as well as repeating techniques to make you a well-rounded and established West Coast Swing dancer.

This level is the most important level in the fundamentals of WCS, and by the end of this series you will be able to easily attend intermediate level drop-in classes and workshops locally and internationally. The completion of Level 2 (A -H) and an invitation by your teachers is mandatory to be able to attend this Level.

Ro - Rolls & Wraps
Ti - Timing
Wi - Whips
St - Styles of WCS
Sp - Spinning
Fo - Footwork
Fr - Frame
Mu - Musicality


CHF 90 per module. 1 module (A, B, C...) = 4 classes, each class lasts 55 minutes.
Student special: For Level 1 on Wednesday 8:30pm and Level 2 on Wednesday 9:30pm courses cost only CHF 40 for students with a valid ID.

Parties: CHF 10 (Students with Student ID CHF 5 )

Shoes & Clothing

WCS dancers wear low-heeled (max 3 cm) or flat dance shoes with a leather sole. You can also simply wear socks if you don’t have dancing shoes. Please do not bring your outdoor shoes on the dancefloor.

It is typical to wear jeans and a T-shirt among WCS dancers. For classes it should mostly be comfortable.


Atelier Tanz, Ausstellungsstrasse 25, 8005 Zürich